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We are a small hobby kennel located in north central Connecticut.Our kennel name "Calsam" comes from our first two labradors "Calais" and Samantha.  They are the reason we fell in love with the breed.  Our dogs are involved in AKC/CKC/UKC conformation shows, obedience, rally, canine good citizens, therapy dogs, and hunting.  We occasionally have yellow & black labrador puppies and older dogs available.


Jan 2015.

Labradors only come in three colors, black, yellow and chocolate.  Yellows can range from a light almost white color to a deep fox red color.

They are amazing family pets but do require a lot of exercise especially in their younger years. 

Health - Labradors are susceptible to a variety of hereditary diseases including bad hips, elbows, ACL tears, TVD, PRA, allergies and epilepsy to name a few of the more common ones.  Reputable breeders will do their best to conduct health screenings to mitigate producing a problem but even that is not full proof. If you are purchasing a puppy or adult dog, ask which clearances have been done.  Often you can search OFFA.org to see a list of clearances done. It does cost money to submit clearances to OFFA so not all breeders do it. Ask to see copies of the parent's health clearances before purchasing a puppy.

Calsam Labradors Yellow & Black Labrador Retrievers